1. clintonearlwalker says:

    Damn, that one made ME fell better.

  2. Thinsid says:

    1) What Happened to the sound??? – Please re-load this!
    2) Amazing Girl, WHO is she??
    3) Can we have MORE ofher Please??

  3. BareAllTV says:

    Actually mate this vid is played twice and a few others of mine on here are aswell, it’s the software I used I think and I didn’t intend on it doing it, this actual vid is 1:29, it plays twice and mutes the 2nd time of running, ohh and she’s called lexxi lockhart

  4. Thinsid says:


  5. BareAllTV says:

    No Problem

  6. Anwar Mohamed says:

    i wish i could take a big whiff to reach my stomach .

  7. itachisyamoto says:

    Omg im in love

  8. BigMonster FLover says:


  9. shawn ray says:

    shawnray494@yahoo.com add me on Facebook

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